Science and Technology Awards

  • 2019
    Global mapping technology system and application demonstration

  • 2017
    Real-time geographic information system software platform and major engineering application

    Special Prize for Progress in Surveying and Mapping Technology

  • 2016
    National Geographic Information Public Service Platform R&D and System Construction


  • 2016
    Earth Observation Sensor Network Real-time Dynamic GIS and Typical Application in the Yangtze River Basin


  • 2014
    Earth Observation and Navigation Technology Innovation Team of Wuhan University


  • 2014
    Development and engineering application of domestic GIS basic software Gonow Star


  • 2014
    The Construction and Application of Public Service Platform for National Geographic Information


  • 2014
    Theories and methods of collaborative intelligent services for earth observation sensor networks


  • 2013
    The key technology of domestic civil high-resolution stereo mapping satellite surveying and mapping and application

    First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

  • 2013
    Geoscience remote sensing information extraction analysis and sharing service


  • 2012
    Key Technology of ZY-3 Satellite Surveying and Mapping


  • 2011
    Domestic high-resolution optical satellite image ground processing system


  • 2010
    Open virtual earth integrated sharing platform and major engineering applications


  • 2009
    Multi-source spatial information network sharing software platform and engineering application


  • 2008
    Theories and methods of intelligent processing, modeling and integrated analysis of spatial information

    教育部自然科学奖 一等

  • 2005
    Spatial information network service technology and industrialization

    Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

  • 2003
    Web GIS platform software GeoSurf based on J2EE

    获测绘科技进步奖 一等

  • 2001
    Geographic Information System Basic Software-Geo Star


  • 1999
    Research on Establishing a Provincial Basic Geographic Information System Demonstration Project

    获测绘科技进步奖 一等

  • 1999
    Research on the Standard of Spatial Data Exchange Format

    测绘科技进步奖 二等

  • 1996
    Object-Oriented GIS Software — Geostar and Its Application

    获国际摄影测量与遥感学会 Dolezal奖。

  • 1995
    Data organization and processing method of the overall SIS


  • 1988
    Aerial survey digital topographic map with pile point method